1 Pier 70 View from Mission Bay

2 Dogpatch Crane #2 lo

3 Dogpatch crane#1 lo

4 Half Moon Bay Splash lo

5 HMB Clouds #1 lo

6 HMB Clouds #2 lo

7 SF Bay view lo

8 Red Sky lo

9 Golden Gate View from China Beach #1

10 Golden gate view from China Beach #2 copy

11 Malahide harbor

12 Wicklow Harbor #1

13 Wicklow Harbor #2


East Coast West Coast is a body of work that encompasses views from my home in the San Francisco Bay Area and views from my native country of Ireland. The West Coast paintings feature the seas, clouds and skies of Half Moon Bay, Pier 70 and the Dogpatch neighborhood, and China Beach. The East Coast paintings show scenes from Dublin and Wicklow. While there are similarities, the paintings reflect places over 5,000 miles apart.